Modern Lubricants
for Modern Vehicles

Engineered in the heart of UK

We design and formulate our lubrication solutions from our head office in the UK. By blending in hand-picked plants around the world, we can offer a highly efficient model that allows us to react to ever-evolving market dynamics. Much faster than our competitors.
A striking manifestation of our contemporary engineering is the pack itself. A radical departure from conventional designs of standard packs in the automotive lubricants category, it was developed from the ground up by our design and engineering team leveraging years of industry exposure to the category.
Challenging every single norm, the design is as radical as it is functional. The folding handle on top also serves as a shroud, shielding the mouth and cap, providing a seamless lid while the can is not in use. The tall groove on the side serves as a secondary handle and is further complemented by a gripper under the bottom.
Apart from being a stunning visual in itself, it is a huge space saver in terms of retail display. From a shipping, freight and logistics context, it is possible to load significantly more units in a container. Why pay to ship air?

Who we are?

Bulwark Lubricants is a contemporary manufacturer of world-class automotive lubricants including engine oils, greases and ancillaries. It is the brainchild of industry veterans who have invested decades of incisive industry expertise across the most diverse and demanding conditions in the world. The result – automotive lubrication technology that leapfrogs the choices available to drivers of modern vehicles.
Formulations for every single product have been carefully and meticulously developed in order to provide the very best the industry has to offer. Without the premium.
Blending for these products is done at hand-picked plants in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions in order to maximise supply-chain efficiencies and minimize lead times for deliveries.

Our Vision

Become a leading, innovative corporation obsessed with excellence

Our Mission

Be partners in progress and the most preferred, reliable lubricants supplier to our customers wherever we operate

Core Values

Integrity, reliability and quality based on innovation and continuous improvement

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