Grease MP 2

Lithium – Multi-Purpose

BULWARK GREASE MP series is multi-purpose, light duty lithium greases produced from paraffinic base oils, lithium thickener and oxidation & corrosion inhibitors for use in automotive and industrial applications where mild EP or Non-EP greases are required. They come in two consistencies – NLGI 2 and NLGI 3.


BULWARK GREASE MP 2 is recommended for use in general bearings, shaft joints, ball joints, water pump bearings and similar other applications. They can be used with normal operating temperature up to 100°C

Perfomance Level

  • DIN KP2K-10 , KP3K-10


Key benefits

  • Resistance to water wash out, retain grease in place in wet environments 

  • Protect metal surface from rust and corrosion in moist environments. 

  • Prevent dust and dirt from reaching into the moving parts. 

  • Good oxidation and thermal stability.