iGear-Synth 1000

Industrial Gear Oil - Synthetic

BULWARK iGEAR SYNTH series oil is premium quality synthetic (PAO) industrial gear oils specially formulated for providing advanced protection and extended oil life to gears and bearings operating under extreme service conditions. They help in achieving trouble-free operation, minimum down time, uninterrupted productivity and lower maintenance costs. They are manufactured using advanced high-performance additive system to provide additional protection against scuffing and high level of resistance against micro pitting fatigue.


BULWARK iGEAR SYNTH oil come in several ISO viscosity grades and recommended to use in modern and highly loaded gear boxes used in the paper, steel, oil, textile, lumber and cement industries, where protection to gear boxes and optimum oil life is essential.

Perfomance Level

  • AGMA EP 9005-E02 (ISO 150, 220, 320, 460, 680)


  • DIN 51517-3 (CLP)


  • ISO 12925-1 Type CKD (ISO 150, 220, 320,460,680)


  • ISO 12925-1 Type CKT (ISO 150, 220, 320,460,680)

Key benefits

  • Excellent protection from micro pitting fatigue wear


  • High level of resistance to scuffing wear


  • Resistance to rust, corrosion and degradation at high temperatures


  • Higher viscosity index


  • Excellent sheer stability and seat compatibility