Gladiator DP 5W-40

Fully Synthetic Double Protection Petrol Engine Oil

BULWARK GLADIATOR DP oils are multi-grade premium fully synthetic motor oils of the latest generation suitable for use in modern engines of passenger cars, light commercial trucks, sport cars and vans including turbocharged and supercharged engines. They provide best in class wear protection and all-round superior performance.


BULWARK GLADIATOR DP 5W-40 oil is formulated using premium quality synthetic base oils and advanced high-performance additive packages. Recommended for use during all-season operations in gasoline engines of cars from European, American, Japanese and other Asian manufacturers, which require oils with API SN, ACEA A3/B4 performance levels and SAE 5W-40 viscosity.

Performance Level

  • API SN

  • ACEA A3/B4

  • MB 229.3, 229.5

  • PORSCHE A40; VW 502.00/505.00;

  • BMW LL-01

  • RN 0700/0710

  • PSA B71 2296

Key benefits

  • Excellent anti-oxidation & anti-corrosion properties provide protection to the engine against wear in severe operating conditions.


  • Unique formulation minimizes oil consumption.


  • Facilitates smoother engine operation at high loads and in “start-stop” mode.


  • Easy cold start and excellent low-temperature properties, reduces engine start-up wear.


  • Prevents the formation of high and low temperature deposits on the engine components.


  • High BN reserve and retention allow use of high sulfur fuel.