Power-Trans 10W

Multi-function Oils – UTTO / Construction / Off-Highway Applications

BULWARK POWER-TRANS oils are high-performance heavy-duty transmission oils formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oils to provide best in class performance and protection meeting or exceeding the TO-4 specifications. It optimizes the performance of gear boxes, power transmission and final drive while maximizing the protection in high-pressured hydraulic systems.

BULWARK POWER-TRANS 10W is recommended for use on applications such as heavy-duty earth moving equipment deployed on off-highway and construction industry to improve wear protection, friction control, thermal and shear stability and corrosion protection.

Performance Level

  • API GL-4; Allison C-4; CAT TO-4, TO-2;

  • Eaton M2950S, I-280-S; ZF TE-ML-03, 07D, 07F

Key benefits

  • Excellent pumpability, oxidation stability provides good service life in high pressure service.


  • Excellent protection against corrosion of both steel and yellow metals.


  • Excellent oil film thickness and protection at varying operational temperatures.


  • Special foam suppressant improves lubrication and minimizes wear by reducing foaming and aeration