Gladiator CS 0W-40

Fully Synthetic PAO Based Petrol Engine Oil - Quick Cold Start

BULWARK GLADIATOR CS oils are advanced and latest generation premium fully synthetic multi-grade motor oils suitable for use in modern engines of passenger cars, light commercial trucks, sport cars and vans including turbocharged engines. The product is formulated using premium quality Poly Alpha Olefin base stocks and advanced technology additive packages to provide quick cold start, best in class start up wear protection, and all-round superior performance.


BULWARK GLADIATOR CS 0W-40 is recommended for use during all-season operations, especially in extreme cold weather conditions below -30°C in passenger cars running on petrol fuel and made by European, Japanese, American and Asian manufacturers, which require API SN, ACEA A3/B4 performance levels and SAE 0W-40 viscosity

Performance Level

  • API SN

  • ACEA A3/B4

  • MB 229.3, 229.5


  • VW 502.00/505.00

  • BMW LL-01

  • RN 0700/0710

  • PSA B71 2296

Key benefits

  • Easy cold start and excellent fluidity at low temperature provides engine start-up wear protection.


  • Excellent anti-oxidation & anti-corrosion properties provide better engine protection in severe operating conditions and at varying loads.


  • Advanced formulation minimizes oil consumption and aids in smoother engine operation in “start-stop” mode.


  • Prevents the formation of high and low temperature deposits on the engine components.


  • High quality acid neutralizing additives protects the engine from corrosion.