iGas-Oil 40 LA

High Performance Low Ash Gas Engine Oil

BULWARK iGAS-OIL 40 LA oils are premium gas engine oils meant for use in high performance industrial gas engines. It is formulated using advanced low ash additive technology for superior performance and high output naturally aspirated and turbo-charged gas engines deployed in stationary applications.


BULWARK iGAS-OIL 40 LA is specially developed in accordance with requirements of the world leading gas engine manufactures such as GE Jenbacher (Type 4, 6, 2 and 3 engines), Perkins, Caterpillar, Deutz and others. This product is highly recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged gas engines in stationary applications running on natural gas, or associated petroleum gas etc.

Performance Level

  • GE-Jenbacher TA 1000-1109 series 2,3,4 (ver. A, B);


  • GE-Jenbacher TA 1000-1109 series 6, (ver. C, E,F);


  • WARTSILA 175SG, 220SG, 50SG, 34SG, 28SG & 25SG;


  • WARTSILA 50DF, 34DF, 32DF & 20DF;


  • man M 3271-2; PERKINS Engine series 4000;


  • Caterpillar 3300, 3400, 3500, 3600 series (SEBU 6400);


  • MTU BR 4000; MTU MLT 5074, A001061/29E (Category 1);


  • CUMMINS QSV 81G, 91G, 60G; Guasdor FGLD, SFGLD


  • Waukesha; MWM TR 0199-99-2105

Key benefits

  • Improved nitration control helps oil maintains it performance at all times.


  • Excellent oxidation stability reduces deposit formation.


  • Reduced oil thickening provides improved lubrication and reduce engine wear.