Blaze M 4T 10W-30

4-Stroke Motor Cycle Oil

BULWARK BLAZE M 4T oils are high quality 4-stroke mineral engine oils specifically designed for motorcycles, scooters & mopeds. They are manufactured using superior hydrocracked mineral base stocks and high-performance additives to provide reliable protection to your engine by keeping it cooler, cleaner with smoother clutch performance. 


BULWARK BLAZE  M 4T SAE 10W-30 oil is recommended for use in air cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines with combined engine and transmission units where API SL and JASO MA performance levels are required.

Perfomance Level

  • API SL  
  • JASO MA2

Key benefits

  • Better oxidation stability and detergency keeps engine cleaner


  • Reduces engine heat, keeps it cooler and helps extending engine life 


  • Provides smoother and better clutch & engine performance