Hercules CNG 20W-50

Gas Engine Oil - CNG/LNG

BULWARK HERCULES CNG oils are high performance medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine oils specifically designed for CNG/LNG trucks, buses and also small to medium size generators running on CNG as fuel. These oils provide excellent protection in challenging operating environments and offer extended drain interval.

BULWARK HERCULES CNG 20W-50 is suitable for use on LNG/CNG fueled light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, waste collection trucks, Linehaul trucks, oil field equipment including medium load CNG generators and off-road equipment.

Performance Level

  • API CF

  • ACEA E2-96

  • MB 228.1

Key benefits

  • Reduced deposits provide excellent piston & engine cleanliness.


  • Long drain oil intervals even under high stress combustion cycles.


  • Good tappet and liner wear performance and protection in alternative fuel engines.


  • Low ash containing additives effectively control deposit formation