Coolant 6580 OAT

OAT Coolant BS 6580 (Pre-mixed). Ready to Use - Do not add water

BULWARK COOLANT 6580 OAT is high performance, ethylene glycol based ready-to-use anti-freeze / anti-boil coolant with highly de-ionized water and state of the art Organic Acid inhibitors. It is nitrite, amine, silicate, borate & phosphate free. Its anti-rust, anti-corrosion additive components are developed to meet the requirements of modern light, medium and heavy duty on-road vehicles & stationary engines having closed loop coolant circulation systems


BULWARK COOLANT 6580 OAT is designed for use in all light, heavy-duty and stationary engines requiring OAT coolant/ antifreeze.



This product is a ready to use pre-mixed fluid hence should not be diluted further with water. It is recommended to top up with same pre-mixed coolant, in extreme emergency refilling the radiator by adding equal amounts of distilled or demineralized water to the concentrate is possible.


Performance Level

  • BS 6580


  • ASTM D3306

Key benefits

  • Excellent protection from corrosion


  • Long Service Life


  • Improved Heat Transfer capabilities


  • Compatible with non-metallic cooling system components


  • Excellent solubility and stability in soft and hard water