Power-Trans Multi 10W-30

Multi-function Oil – UTTO/ Construction/Off-Highway Applications

BULWARK POWER-TRANS MULTI oil is high-performance heavy-duty transmission lubricants formulated with Semi-synthetic or hydro treated base oils to provide best in class performance and protection meeting or exceeding the major UTTO OEM specifications. It optimizes the performance and protection of gear boxes, power transmission, final drive and hydraulic systems.


BULWARK POWER-TRANS MULTI lubricants are recommended for use on applications such as heavy-duty earth moving equipment deployed on off-highway and construction industry to improve wear protection, friction control, thermal and sheer stability and corrosion protection.

Perfomance Level

  • API GL-4, John Deere J20C, J20D, Allison C-4, ZF TE-ML-03C


  • Eaton M2950S, I-280-S; Ford M2C86B, M2C86C;


  • Ford M2C134D; JJ Case MS-1204,1206,1207, 1209; CNH MAT 3525, 3526;


  • Massey ferguson M1135, M1143, M1145;


  • Cat TO-2; VOLVO VCE 97303 (WB 101); JCMAS HK P -041;

Key benefits

  • Excellent pumpability, oxidation stability provides good service life in high pressure service.


  • Excellent protection against corrosion of both steel and yellow metals.


  • Excellent oil film thickness and protection at varying operational temperatures.


  • Special foam suppressant improves lubrication and minimizes wear by reducing foaming and aeration