Hydraulic HFDU 46

Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid - Synthetic (POE Based)

BULWARK HYDRAULIC HFDU is a synthetic polyol-ester based high performance fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. It is formulated for providing advanced protection to all hydraulic applications with fire hazards and use of petroleum or Hydrocarbon based hydraulic fluids would be potentially unsafe. Its excellent stability enables itself to prolong the life of the fluid and fire-resistant properties. It also helps to prevent or reduces the formation of sludge or deposits in the equipment while in service.


BULWARK HYDRAULIC HFDU 46 is most suitable for use on hydraulic systems used as part of industrial machinery, oil-drilling equipment & other applications such as mining equipment, machine tools, extrusion or sliding and roller bearings, furnace and fire doors, etc. in iron and steel works, rolling mills and forging industries, over a wide thermal application range.

Performance Level

  • ISO 6743/4 HFD U

  • DIN 51502 HS-D

Key benefits

  • Offers excellent protection through its fire resistance properties,


  • Reduces wear and provides longer service life


  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties in relation to ferrous and non-ferrous metals make up a good hydraulic circuit


  • Exceptional high natural viscosity index constantly adapts to the changing temperature range in the application and provides good performances at low temperatures.


  • Classified as “Non-Toxic” and “Bio-Degradable” product