iGear-OG 800HD

Open Gear Lubricants

BULWARK iGEAR-OG series of products are Open Gear Lubricants formulated to use on many types of open gears, chains, flexible coupling, gears and sliding surfaces of drag line shovels, wire ropes and similar applications. It minimizes wear and provides shock load protection during variety of operations.


BULWARK iGEAR-OG 800HD lubricant is recommended for use on many types of open gears, wire ropes, and other equipment involving ropes and open gears such as docks, construction, harbours, waterways, railways and mining equipment including girth and pinion gears on rod and ball mills, rack and pinion gears on shovel dipsticks, swing and pinion gears on top of the lower frame of shovels and draglines, which are sometimes served with an automatic lubrication system. These lubricants can be applied by brush, by swab, heated sump or pump or by automatic lubrication systems as well.


Important Note: For ease of application store at room temperature above 15°C. For the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary, purge previous grease prior to application.

Performance Level

  • DIN 51502 OG0E-5


  • ISO 6743-9 L-XABHA0

Key benefits

  • Viscous lubricants formulated with an asphaltic base and diluted with a non-chlorinated solvent for easy application


  • Provide high film strength coating on gear teeth


  • The lubricant provides tacky and tenacious lubricant films on open gears operating under severe shock and load conditions


  • Can also be used to lubricate chains, sprockets, wire rope, and cables