Coolant Long Life

HOAT SF Extended Life Coolant (Pre-mixed). Ready to Use - Do not add water

BULWARK COOLANT LONG LIFE is ready-to-use anti- freeze/anti- boil cooling fluid with highly de-ionized water and Hybrid Organic Acid corrosion inhibitors. It is NAP, silicates free and contains a mix of inhibitors developed to give the highest protection to engine components made of Ferrous and Aluminum such as radiators, engine blocks, heads & water pumps of modern light, medium and heavy duty on-road vehicles & stationary engines having closed loop coolant circulation systems.


BULWARK COOLANT LONG LIFE is designed for use in all light, heavy-duty and stationary engines requiring HOAT

coolant/antifreeze and where OEM has recommended the use of long-life coolants.



This product is a ready to use pre-mixed fluid hence should not be diluted further with water. It is always recommended to top up with the same pre-mixed coolant, except in extreme emergency situation, when refilling the radiator by adding equal amounts of distilled or demineralised water to the existing concentrarte is possible/allowed.


Available in 205L Drums

Performance Level

  • ASTM D3306, ASTM D4656, ASTM 4985;


  • CAT GCM34; MAK; MWM 0199-99-2091/12; MB 312.0;


  • Jenbacher TA 1000-0200; Holden; Detroit DFS93K217;


  • Waukesha; GEC Alstom; Hyndai; Liebherr; Menag; MTU MTL 5049;


  • Bergen Engines 2.13.01; MAN 248; MAN B&W AG D36 5600;


  • WArtsila 32-9011; SACM Diesel DLP 799861;


  • New Sulzer Diesel TR 1508-10/94; Porsche; MAN B&W A/S

Key benefits

  • Excellent protection from corrosion


  • Extended Long Service Life


  • Improved Heat Transfer capabilities


  • Compatible with non-metallic cooling system components