Commander 0W-20

Premium Fully Synthetic Low Viscosity & Extra Fuel Efficient Petrol Engine Oil

BULWARK COMMANDER oils are premium fully synthetic, multi-grade Low Viscosity Extra Fuel Efficient (LVEFE)

motor oils engineered to meet the requirements of ultra-modern downsized and hybrid engines seeking high

performance and additional protection benefits. The product is intended for use in modern engines of passenger cars,

pick-ups and light trucks including turbocharged & supercharged engines, which require LVEFE category oils.


BULWARK COMMANDER oils are manufactured using high-quality synthetic base stocks and technologically

advanced premium additive packages. Recommended for use in all-season operations, especially gasoline engines of

cars from European, American, Japanese and other Asian manufacturers, which require oils with performance levels

API SP/RC (Resource Conserving) and SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 & 5W-16 viscosity.

Perfomance Level

  • API SP/RC; SP Plus


Key benefits

  • Excellent fuel economy benefits.
  • Protection after treatment systems and extends oil drain intervals. 
  • Ultra-low viscosity together with special additives, makes cold engine starts easier.
  • Unique formulation demonstrates robustness specific to low speed premature ignition prevention.