Grease HT 3

High Temperature Lithium Complex Grease

BULWARK GREASE HT series is a high temperature, multi-purpose EP grease based on complex lithium soap, highly refined mineral oil offering good stability to oxidation. These greases contain high-performance, Anti-wear (AW), extreme pressure (EP), anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives. Along with their excellent tribological features, they can operate under heavy mechanical loads and even while in frequent contact with water.


BULWARK GREASE HT 3 is recommended to use in wheel bearings of the passenger and commercial vehicles, bearings of industrial fans, electric motors, couplings, clutches, shafts, compressors, pumps and other industrial equipment. Also suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems in construction, mining, lumbering, and agricultural machinery where use of HT grease with NLGI 3 class is recommended. 


BULWARK GREASE HT 3 service temperature ranges from -20 up to +160°C., comes in brown color and has moderate soft consistency and homogeneous structure. This grease can be applied manually with brush or spatula, as well as through individual lubrication system at the temperatures down to -20°C. 

Performance Level

  • DIN 51502
  • DIN KP3P-20


Key benefits

  • Excellent high-temperature properties with very good anti-corrosion properties.

  • Excellent load carrying capacity at low temperatures.

  • Resistance to shock and vibrational loads.

  • High water resistance, excellent adhesion and long-term service life.