Tractor Oil 15W-40

Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU)

BULWARK TRACTOR OILS are superior multi-grade multi-function oils specifically designed to lubricate most parts (engines included – up to API CG-4) on farm machinery – especially the tractors from most manufacturers requiring STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) Oils.


BULWARK TRACTOR OIL SAE 15W-40 is suitable to use on most farm equipment – gasoline and diesel engines, transmission, clutch units, wet brakes, hydraulic systems, mechanical final drives and power take-offs especially on tractors. It has improved extreme pressure properties which provide superior protection against wear. Resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation is outstanding and ensures protection against sludge and varnish deposits & resists foaming. It also performs well in 4WD manual transmissions. However, it is not suitable for use on equipment with heavily loaded drives where the manufacturers specify EP oils of API GL-5.

Performance Level

  • API CG-4, API GL-4, ACEA E3;
  • CAT TO-2; Allison C-4; ZF TE-ML 06A, 06B, 06C, 07B;
  • John Deere J20C, J20D, J27; API CF-4, MB 227.1, 
  • Ford M2C86B, M2C86C; Ford M2C134D;
  • JJ Case MS-1204,1206,1207,1209; CNH MAT 3525, 3526;
  • Massey ferguson M1135, M1139, M1143, M1144, M1145;
  • Ford M2C159B, M2C159C; Eaton M2950S, I-280-S

Key benefits

  • Anti-wear protection & multi-grade performance – suitable for all year use


  • Higher detergency and excellent dispersant properties keep the engine cleaner and free from sludge and deposits in severe applications


  • Special friction modifier component allows smooth operation minimizes squawk and chatter in wet brake systems and PTOs 


  • Reduces wear of gears, pumps and hydraulic valves 


  • High level of oxidation resistance and lubricant stability ensures longer oil life


  • Provides efficient engagement of power take off clutches, thereby minimizing wear 


  • Excellent protection against corrosion & rust formation