iGear CLP 220

Industrial Gear Oil - Mineral

BULWARK iGEAR CLP oils are high quality gear lubricants for heavy loaded industrial gearboxes and bearings. These oils are manufactured using carefully selected high viscosity Index base oils with advanced sulphur-phosphorus extreme pressure additives. Its optimal ratio of EP properties and anti-friction protection capabilities allow using these oils effectively in various components and gear units of industrial equipment.

BULWARK iGEAR CLP 220 is recommended for industrial gearboxes and units with steel gears, where EP oils are required. The applications also include bearings, wheel, worm and screw gears in different industrial equipment, as well as oil circulation and mist and splash lubricating systems.

Performance Level

  • DIN 51517-3 CLP
  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 (EP)
  • ISO 12925-1 CKD
  • US Steel 224

Key benefits

  • Excellent EP properties and anti-friction capabilities allow using these oils on various applications and components  of industrial equipment 


  • Provides protection to wide range of gear boxes industrial equipment.


  • The formula provides excellent low temperature fluidity and exceptional resistance to degradation at high temperatures.


  • Prevents welding, scuffing and galling of the gear teeth at their contact points.


  • Provide exceptional oil life and deposit control and resistance to thermal/oxidative and chemical degradation.