iComp-Synth VDL 46

Compressor Oils - Synthetic

BULWARK iCOMP-SYNTH VDL series oils are premium quality compressor oils based on high quality synthetic base stocks and advanced additive package ensuring good protection against oxidation, wear and foaming and possess good seals compatibility. Their Sulphur-free and ashless anti wear additives and the synthetic base stocks mean that these oils are suited to heavy duty and prolonged use in the latest high-performance equipment. They are also suitable for use at widely varying temperatures and exceeds mineral compressor oils in every respect.

BULWARK iCOMP-SYNTH VDL 46 oil is primarily developed for use in heavy-duty screw compressors, turbo compressors and hydraulic systems. They can also be used for many kinds of gearboxes and converters. By using these high performing oils, it is possible to substantially lengthen the cleaning and oil change intervals. The product is highly economical and offers trouble free operation with low running and maintenance costs.

PS: Please pay special attention to the changeover guidelines – available upon request

Performance Level

  • DIN 51506;


  • DIN 51506 VBL, VDL; ISO 6743-3

Key benefits

  • Offer outstanding ageing resistance, minimal residue formation,


  • Good seal compatibility, extremely low pour point, low evaporation tendency and excellent foaming behavior.


  • These oils also help reduce sludge formation in compressor discharge lines