LOCO G4 - 13

High Performance Zinc-free Rail Road Engine Oil - 13 TBN

BULWARK LOCO G4 series oil is high performance, high alkaline diesel engine lubricants formulated with hydro-treated mineral base oils and proven zinc-free additive technology that provides corrosion protection and decreasing of sludge formation in locomotive engines. Non-chlorinated formulation of BULWARK LOCO G4 oils help significantly reduce maintenance costs.


BULWARK LOCO G4 oil is high quality zinc-free railroad engine oils designed for locomotive engines running on diesel fuel and exceeds latest lubricating oil classification systems requirements such as LMOA Generation V and GE Generation IV Long Life. These products provide unsurpassed engine cleanliness, soot handling, and oil filter life in later models of EMD and GE engines in a wide range of railroad, inland marine and stationary engine applications.

Performance Level

  • API CF/CF-2;


  • General Electric (GE) Generation IV Long Life;


  • LMOA Generation V;


  • Caterpillar (Pass in CAT 3600s Caterpillar Micro-oxidation test)

Key benefits

  • Excellent corrosion resistance improves engine service life, helping reduce costs


  • Improved engine oil efficiency leads to cost savings and extended oil filter life due to excellent ring and liner wear protection


  • High TBN protects against acid formation and engine damage when running on high-sulphur fuels


  • High Alkalinity, ml controls corrosive ring and liner wear, reducing maintenance time


  • Extended oil drain intervals ensure low oil consumption in modern engines and reduces down time.