Hydraulic HFC 46

Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid - FRH

BULWARK HYDRAULIC HFC is a Water-Glycol based Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid containing glycol, high molecular weight polyglycol and superior additives. Its high-water content and additive properties help in minimizing accidental ignition possibilities and fire hazards when the fluid contacts with elevated temperature sources in hydraulic systems operating under severe and high-pressure conditions.


BULWARK HYDRAULIC HFC 46 is most suitable in hydraulic systems operating under extreme conditions and environment that is subject to fire hazards in metallurgical (pressure die-casting machines, scale removal units, forging presses), glass production equipment and similar other industries.

Performance Level

  • ISO L-HFC (ISO 12922)


  • HS-C DIN 51502

Key benefits

  • Inherent resistance to fire hazards


  • Excellent anti-wear properties helping extend component life


  • Long fluid life due to high oxidation resistance


  • It has excellent heat transfer property, low pour point, antifoam performance that along with anti-wear component provide standard pump life in systems operating under pressure or overloaded conditions.