iComp VDL 32

Compressor Oils – Mineral

BULWARK iCOMPRESSOR VDL oils are high quality mineral compressor oils designed to meet the latest lubricant requirements for modern oil-filled high-power air and/or natural gases screw, rotary and piston type compressors from leading manufacturers working on light as well as heavy duty operations. They are manufactured using premium quality solvent refined base stocks and highly effective additive packages to ensure good protection against oxidation, wear, foaming and possess good seals compatibility. The oils also help to reduce sludge formation in compressor discharge lines. 


BULWARK iCOMPRESSOR VDL 32 oil possesses excellent performance capabilities enabling compressor operation over wide operating temperature range in severe conditions. Suitable for use in air and/or natural gases screw, rotary and piston type compressors with maximum temperature of final compression stage up to 220°C (at fitting) and in circulation systems operating at elevated temperatures. Also recommended in circulation systems for lubrication of plain and rolling bearing. A wide range of ISO viscosity grades (ISO VG 32-220) helps in choosing an optimal solution for various compressors considering their operating conditions and duty cycle as per OEM recommendations.


Note: This product can be used as Zinc-free Hydraulic Oil and Turbine oil in certain applications – please refer to your OEM user manual for specific guidance.

Performance Level

  • DIN 51506 (VDL)
  • ISO 6743 

Key benefits

  • Suitable for use in multiple type compressors – air, natural gas, screw, rotary & piston type of compressors  


  • Excellent protection against oxidation, wear and foaming 


  • Possesses excellent seal compatibility