British engineering

Why engineering industries believe in the UK

Dan Matthews, Telegraph


From Formula One cars to alternative energy, British engineers are at the global cutting edge of innovation. The UK has a rich heritage of engineering excellence dating back to the Industrial Revolution but modern developments are again bolstering the country’s reputation. From Formula One cars to medical equipment and alternative energy, many innovative products are devised, developed and made in the UK. It is a beacon of innovation, advanced manufacturing and specialised production.

“We excel in innovation and are at the forefront of manufacturing excellence,” says Vardhan Rajkumar, chairman of Aeromet, a key supplier to the aerospace and defence sector, including Boeing. “The UK has adopted lean techniques from Japan and blended these well with existing processes to create something special.


Excellence and efficiency

Goods and parts produced in the UK come with a quality assurance. Meanwhile, improvements in productivity ensure more can be achieved in a shorter time and with less human labour. New efficiencies free time to focus on better products. “People want to buy from great companies,” says Mr Rajkumar. “If you are globally competitive, taking into account not only cost but the quality of products, then there will be demand.”

“This country has a very long history of advanced engineering. It’s created an ecosystem of excellence that drives economic growth in Britain. It’s fantastic to see these advanced skills coming back into a 21st-century role.”

As the global economy creates a series of opportunities for British engineering, a focus on core skills, ingenuity and good old-fashioned hard work will maintain the UK as a key centre of engineering for many years to come.