Spill Prevention

Protecting your business by helping prevent and control oil spills

By their very nature, accidental spills are difficult to predict and so any methods of dealing with them need to be close to hand.

We have developed a spill kit that ensures you have everything you need to deal with a spill quickly, safely and effectively. It enables you to handle spills of oil, fuels, chemicals, contaminated water and battery acid.

We can also give you advice and provide equipment to help you with other key areas of spill prevention and oil storage regulations, such as bulk tank high level alarms, contained areas and storage tanks.

Benefits of integrated waste management:

  • Gain peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared for incidents

  • Minimise hazards to your people, premises and the environment

  • Avoid fines and damage to your company’s reputation

  • Improve productivity by reducing time wasted on clean-up activities

Why choose Bulwark ?

Simply put, been there, done that. We have considerable experience in handling lubricants, managing their storage and dealing with spills. We understand the risks and we know how best to avoid them. By combining our knowledge and experience with that of specialist materials and equipment suppliers, we can offer you an integrated solution to help you manage spill prevention and control.


To discuss how we can help you achieve optimum efficiency in spill prevention, please contact your local Bulwark representative.